Adopt an Olive Tree

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Unique Opportunity!

Oleificio Cuscunà was founded in 1904 and has been in the oil sector for more than four generations.

Our family-owned olive groves, today count a large production of olives. Located in the Etnea area, D.O.P. Mount Etna, this is where we grow our olive groves without using chemicals.

Adopt an Olive Tree!

Olives ripened in the Sicilian sun are harvested exclusively by hand. This process allows our oil to retain all the qualities and organoleptic substances. We are specialized in the processing of “Nocellara Etnea” c.d. Paternal. The extra virgin olive oil is the indispensable element in the Mediterranean diet, much appreciated all over the world.

How to adopt an olive tree in a specialized olive grove:

The adoption of one or more olive trees whose fruit and derivatives is destined directly to the adopter, passes through the following phases:
The issued of an “adoption certificate” which is transferable to a family member or a friend;
The tree adopted will be labeled with the name of the adopter;
The stages of cultivation of the tree are at the expense of the company Cuscunà and are certified through a leaflet illustrating how it is treated, irrigated, pruned and the methodologies of harvesting the fruit;
The annual tree production adopted, about 50 – 60 liters of extra virgin olive oil from the Novellare Etnea cultivar variety, is delivered to the adopter by our local importer and sold with a 10% discount on the market price. 12 jars of pickled olives in brine from Gr. 300 each;
The tree oil adopted around 50 – 60 liters is available from 1 January to 31 December of each year in one or two solutions;
The adopter when and if he wants to visit the olive groves will be welcomed by an accompanying service from the airport of Catania that will take him first to visit the olive grove and then visit the oil mill;
The cost of adoption is € 500.00 one-off, ie they are paid only once upon delivery of the certificate of adoption.

Download the Adoption Contract


The contract contains the company profile, the methods to be followed for adoption, the oil technical sheet and the location of olive groves.

Contract Download

Olive Tree Adoption Certificate