Adopt Your Olive Tree


Since 1904 and for 4 generations our company has been growing olives and producing extra virgin olive oil certified . The passion for this splendid product convinced us about the importance of involving the customer by adopting one or more olive trees.


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The passion for the sector has pushed us to give our customers a unique opportunity, that of “Adopting An Olive Tree”.

The adoption of one or more olive trees whose fruit and derivatives is intended directly for the adopter, goes through a series of simple steps:

The issue of an “adoption certificate”;
The tree adopted will be labeled with the name of the adopter;
The tree cultivation phases are at the expense of the Cuscunà company and are certified through an explanatory leaflet that highlights how it is cared for, irrigated, pruned and the method of harvesting the fruit;
The annual production of the adopted tree, about 50 – 60 liters of extra virgin olive oil of the Novellar Etnea cultivar variety, is delivered to the adopter by our local importer and sold with a 10% discount on the market price, they will also be provided free of charge n ° 12 jars of preserved olives in brine of Gr. 300 each;