Our history

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Olive Field

Life experience

Oleificio Cuscunà was founded in 1904 and has been in the oil sector for more than four generations. Our family-owned olive groves today have a conspicuous production of olives.


Olive harvest

Located in the Etnea area, D.O.P. Mount Etna, this is where we grow our olive groves without using chemicals. The olives ripened in the Sicilian sun are harvested exclusively by hand and cold-pressed and natural dripped.

This process allows our oil to retain all the qualities and organoleptic substances. We are specialized in the processing of “Nocellara Etnea” c.d. Paternò.

The extra virgin olive oil is the indispensable element in the Mediterranean diet, much appreciated all over the world. In the gastronomic art extra virgin olive oil occupies a prominent place; used both cooked and raw, it gives flavor to every dish, highlighting the other ingredients and ensuring digestibility and lightness.

Among the oils it is the one that resists best at high temperatures, as in frying, keeping the health properties intact.

In olive genetics there are many cultivars, over 3000. One of the most prized is the “NOCELLARA ETNEA” produced in Sicily, in the Etna area, where we find the estates of the Cuscunà oil mill.

The olive harvest can take place in different ways, “beating”, “shaking”, “mechanical means”, and finally the traditional “hand harvesting” which guarantees the tree and the fruit. In the Etna area, the harvest takes place exclusively by hand, guaranteeing a higher quality of the final product.

The quality of the oil depends very much on the quality of the processed olives and on the milling technique. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is undoubtedly the best and is obtained from olives harvested by hand at the right time and immediately pressed, in compliance with all the obligations of olive production, processing and conservation of the product after processing.